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The Gut-Mind Connection

You’ve heard of conditions like gluten intolerance, Celiac disease and other digestive disorders that have become commonplace today. When people with these conditions see a medical doctor, they look immediately at your gut health. They’ll discuss your nutrition and what you eat and your family history of disease. Do you know what they never look for? The cause of these problems.

Health Sign

There’s a link between mind health and gut health, and research that supports the link. This means that if your mind isn’t working correctly, or if you have bad thoughts and negativity in your life, your gut will be affected.

A Direct Link

The health of your gut and entire body is all about your brain, spinal cord and nerves. These parts are all connected and run everything in the body. If there’s pressure on the spinal cord, it makes sense that it affects your brain or state of mind. A dam in the river will be created that stops your body from working correctly. One of the alarms that sound when this dam appears? Gut problems!

Reversing the True Cause

Unfortunately, people are constantly treating the fire alarm, but never the fire. In our upcoming talk, we’ll show you the direct link (the fire) that’s causing health issues, disease process and sickness in man today. Give our office a call for more information about attending!

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