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I Get It Chiropractic New Patient Specials

“So we had just had all my wife’s family in town for Christmas and New Year’s. It was a busy time and we had a lot on the go. We took a ski trip up to Copper and I had a huge fall. Skis and ski poles were all over the mountain. I got up like nothing was wrong and kept at it, that’s what real men do. LOL. Well, let’s say the drive home was 3 hrs longer than it should have been and my back and neck started hurting real bad. I even started getting a migraine and eventually had to pull over and have my wife drive. I wasn’t feeling too manly at all. I figured some ibuprofen and a hot tub when I got home would do the trick.
Boy was I wrong! Days turned into weeks and I was at my wit’s end. I had gone to my Doctor and he gave me muscle relaxers, migraine meds, and pain pills and it wasn’t getting any better.
A co-worker suggested I go see his Chiropractor. So I looked him up online, saw his great reviews, and took advantage of his “NEW YOU REVOLUTION” Special. I was desperate for a new me.
I went in, he did an exam, x-rays, and adjusted my Atlas, I think that is what he called it. As soon as I sat up I was about to cry as the pain was gone for the first time in weeks, my migraine stopped the next day. I went in to see my X-ray results and I was blown away by how much damage was in my spine. I left hopeful that day as he said he could fix it. When it came time to see my progress I was not disappointed and my expectations were exceeded. Since receiving treatment I have had more energy, have been able to ski more, and even lost 20 pounds! Let’s just say I am in the best shape of my life. 
I have been seeing Dr. RJ for years and every January when we set up our family New Year Resolutions, I am always grateful for the “NEW YOU REVOLUTION” Special that I got that January.
Give them a call and get the NEW YOU that you deserve.  
~ J.C. ~


Call to take advantage of “The NEW YOU REVOLUTION Special”

Health is the Entity

You are somebody’s possible and without your health nothing is possible. If you’re considering becoming a part of the family at I Get It Chiropractic, we want to extend a special offer to you. The new patient exam includes:

  • A One-on-One consultation
  • A Spinal Health Assessment
  • A Neurological Examination
  • A Series of Atlas Specific and Motion X-rays
  • Your first upper cervical ATLAS adjustment
  • Report of findings with Dr. RJ

Live Your Best Life With Us

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