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I Get It Chiropractic New Patient Specials

So Dr. RJ came and spoke at my work and I was intrigued at his approach and the kind of Chiropractic he specialized in.
He talked a lot about subluxation, misaligned spinal bones that cause interference. That this interference in our bodies stops the ability for us to heal, regenerate and repair, and keeps us in a state of stress. I had been to several doctors, specialists and nobody had answers to my migraines. I had been getting them since I was a kid, been on several medications for them, and to be honest, they just weren’t working nor did I enjoy taking pills every single day.
So I went in and began a plan to correct my spine. I was a slow learner as my migraines just didn’t stop overnight, as I wanted them to. Dr. RJ kept telling me healing takes time, he also kept telling me that as he would remove the interference, my body would heal the biggest problems first. I kept insisting nothing else was wrong when he would ask if there was something else.  Weeks went by and still no improvement and he was persistent in saying it takes time, that’s why you are on a plan.
Then one day I went in and was so excited to show him a picture of my optic nerve. I had been diagnosed with an optic nerve tumor years ago and had been monitoring it for years. Well, this year when I went back to my doctor I got the most incredible news ever. My optic nerve tumor was gone. I was in shock. So I brought up my phone and showed Dr. RJ. He said what am I looking at? I told him my optic nerve tumor was gone and he asked “What optic nerve tumor? Never knew you had one!!!” Then he said “Remember all the times that I said your body was healing something bigger than your migraines and you kept telling me there was nothing else wrong. Looks like we found the answer.” Then he asked how my migraines have been? That’s when I realized they had stopped. I have been free of migraines, specialists, and doctors for years now.
FREEDOM has never felt so good. Call today and ask for the FREEDOM special so you can be FREE TOO!!!!




Call to take advantage of “The NEW YOU REVOLUTION Special”

Health is the Entity

You are somebody’s possible and without your health nothing is possible. If you’re considering becoming a part of the family at I Get It Chiropractic, we want to extend a special offer to you. The new patient exam includes:

  • A One-on-One consultation
  • A Spinal Health Assessment
  • A Neurological Examination
  • A Series of Atlas Specific and Motion X-rays
  • Your first upper cervical ATLAS adjustment
  • Report of findings with Dr. RJ

Live Your Best Life With Us

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