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About I Get It Chiropractic

I Get It Chiropractic opened in 2006 to give specific, scientific chiropractic care to Westminster, Broomfield, Arvada, Thornton and the surrounding communities. We’re here to help your entire family, because families that get healthy together stay together.

Inspired to Share Chiropractic

Chiropractic Office in Westminster

Welcome to I Get It Chiropractic!

Our practice name comes from a conversation between Dr. RJ and Dr. Michelle. After a long battle with illnesses, Dr. RJ sought specific scientific corrective chiropractic care to help him get his life back. After being educated on what chiropractic truly meant, he looked over at Dr. Michelle and said ‘’I get it.” There, the idea for I Get It Chiropractic was born.

Understanding True Health

We want to give others a place to come and understand the true definition of health. Health is the body functioning at 100% and nothing more! If the body is functioning less than 100%, it is developing sickness and disease. The only thing that causes this in your body is subluxation. We are the only doctors educated and certified in the area to find where the subluxations are in your body and correct them through true scientific and specific chiropractic care.

By removing subluxation, we allow the entire body to get signals from the brain, restore full function of the body and allow healing to take place. We will help you to take responsibility for your own health so you don’t have to fear sickness. Our philosophy is to find the true cause and remove the interference, thus allowing your body to work at 100%. We deliver real, lasting results through simple, proven life-saving solutions. We’ll empower you to become the doctor in your own health, allowing you to make decisions that will be fundamental in achieving life-transforming results.

State-of-the-Art Spinal Correction

The power that made your body heals your body. We don’t treat symptoms, but find the true cause of your issues or disease process. Your initial visit might be for your pain or other symptoms. We’ll help educate you on the importance of correcting the problem and not just treating your symptoms.

Once you get past a symptom-based mindset, you will understand the importance of maintaining your spine and nervous system to achieve true health. If you are expressing a symptom, your body has gone from 100% function of your tissues, cells and organs down to 60%. By treating the symptoms only, you may experience permanent, irreversible damage and sometimes-even worse.

We’re specialists in corrective chiropractic care and we’re passionate about reaching the unreached. You’ll see amazing, life-transforming results from our specific scientific chiropractic care and our atmosphere will make you look forward to your next visit.

Our Mission

To speak the truth, live the truth and teach the truth about chiropractic to every man, woman and child; to check them for subluxation and adjust them when subluxated so they can reach their potential and fulfill their purpose that God has given them.

We’re here to bring you and your entire family health care that you’re never experienced before. Call today! (303) 424-1207

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