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Get the Most Out of Life at I Get It Chiropractic

Husband and wife Westminster chiropractors, Dr. RJ Gelinas and Dr. Michelle Mathiesen know the importance of keeping your family functioning at 100%. At I Get It Chiropractic, we’ll do everything possible to help you. We’re passionate about finding the TRUE cause of your problems, not simply treating the symptoms.

Our foundational belief is that the body is designed with an innate ability to heal itself. In finding the true cause, we remove the interference by adjusting your subluxations allowing your body to heal and work as it was designed to. This will allow you to overcome your current health challenges, reach your optimal health potential and see life-transforming results!

The Care You Need

Many other health systems seem to focus solely on the treatment of your symptoms. Our goal at I Get It Chiropractic is simply to find the cause, correct it and allow your body to heal itself. We will educate you on how your body works so that you can take responsibility and make the best decision for your health and your future.

Optimal health isn’t just about overcoming your symptoms; it’s about reaching the highest limits of health to give you the capacity to fulfill the true purpose of your life. We have designed a system for living using the most cutting-edge health information available today to give you all the tools necessary to reach your optimal health potential

Restore Your Health

To help restore your health, reach your potential and fulfill your purpose, we offer the following services:

We also provided supplemental educational experiences that will aid in the removal of subluxation:

  • Most cutting-edge health talks and workshops
  • Supplemental health and life-saving resources
  • Nutritional recommendations and experiences – shopping and cooking classes

We will alleviate your pain symptoms (we don’t treat symptoms) while focusing on the correction of your spinal misalignments to restore health and healing to your body, supporting you each step on your path to reaching your potential.

Life-Changing Results

We strive to offer only the safest, most effective all-natural Chiropractic care in the world. We know we can help you make a positive difference in your life. We’re committed to excellence in delivering the highest quality of care to your family.

We’ll empower you to be your own doctor with your health and allow you to make the decisions that are best for you. By doing this, you can see life-transforming results

Let us find the cause of your problems and activate your body’s very own natural healing power. Call our office today to start! (303) 424-1207

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