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Chiropractic Care

Spine modelChiropractors are neurological doctors that align the spine to improve your brain function. When there is a subluxation or misalignment of the spine present, it causes interference with your body’s nerve system lowering the body’s ability to adapt. By removing this subluxation, your body’s innate intelligence will express itself, restoring your body’s ability to heal itself. This equals true health.

If you want to be the healthiest, best version of you, it’s simple: you must have chiropractic in your life. Health comes from the inside out, and an absence of pain doesn’t mean you are healthy. Chiropractic ensures your brain, spinal cord and neurological system all work at 100%.

Why We Focus on the Atlas

Where others are focused on symptoms, our care focuses on the atlas, which is the very top bone in your spine. The alignment of the atlas affects your brain stem, which influences every function of your body. When you become a patient here, we will take atlas-specific X-rays to determine the exact degree to which your atlas bone needs to be corrected by a specific atlas adjustment. We perform the adjustment using the precise angle that’s unique to every individual.

It’s the most scientific and specific adjustment you will ever receive!

How Imbalances Occur in Your Body

When your atlas is misaligned, it will reflect in the rest of your body as postural deficits. This presents a head tilt, causing your eyes to be unlevel. As an attempt to raise your eyes back to being level, your body will raise a hip and drop a shoulder, causing you to put your weight to one side. As a result, you can experience pain or numbness in the hip, knee, or ankle. You might feel numbness or tingling down an arm and even experience headaches and overall more stress.

That’s far from all, though. With an atlas that isn’t in the right place (subluxated), your brainstem is compressed, thus stopping your body’s ability to adapt, keeping you in a chronic state of stress. You might have tried other avenues and doctors that don’t have any answers and are unable to find a resolution. We look to the true cause, the body’s inability to adapt – that is why we focus on the atlas and its alignment-we do this to effectively turn the dimmer switch in your body up all the way, restoring healing to your body allowing you to shine.

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