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All About Me

By now, most of you have heard my amazing chiropractic story. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver. My choices in how to proceed? Medications or death. I went through the biggest struggle of my life, hitting rock bottom.

It was then I found a chiropractor who taught me what chiropractic was about. I learned where healing comes from and how the body is designed and able to work optimally.

Taking a Chance on Chiropractic

Westminster Chiropractors

Chiropractic gave me my life back!

I put my faith in and invested my health in my chiropractor. This complete trust was well placed, as I saw my diseases eliminated and had my health return. My life had the opportunity to grow into the amazing experience it has been to this day thanks to chiropractic.

Our Big Plans

During my talk An Evening with Dr. RJ, I’ll share my heart with you. This includes all areas of health, nutrition, fitness and my family. You’ll find out how my wife, two children and I live, what we eat and products we use in our home.

I will open up and tell you about my plan to make a difference in humanity by reaching out and helping more people than any other chiropractor has, in the entire history of the chiropractic profession.

Contact our office today for more information!

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