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The Blair Chiropractic Technique

The developer of chiropractic, B.J. Palmer, spent many years studying and researching chiropractic techniques. His studies helped him realize that the only place a person could truly have nervous system interference was at the base of the skull. The atlas and axis vertebrae located here aren’t supported by ligaments like the rest of the spine, so they’re easily moved out of place.

Your Vital Vertebrae

The Blair chiropractic technique allows us to give the atlas and axis vertebrae the special attention they need. This technique is a system used to analyze and adjust the upper cervical vertebrae of your spinal column. Addressing these vertebrae ensures your brain stem and spinal cord are free from interference.

“What’s so important about the brain stem?”

The brain stem goes into the cervical vertebrae, which then turns into the spinal cord. You can think of it as a control center for your body. The brain stem is where the nerve cell centers are located. This area controls all of your major body functions without us even having to think about them! The atlas and axis vertebrae are the only ones in proximity to your brain stem, so making sure they’re aligned will give your brain and body full communication, free from interference.

What’s the Interference about?

These interferences can also be called a subluxation. A subluxation occurs when a vertebrae is misaligned that interferes with nerve tissue and decreases your mental impulses. You can have a subluxation for months, or even years, before you’ll see symptoms of pain or discomfort!

How the Blair Chiropractic Technique Helps

The Blair chiropractic technique will allow us to analyze your subluxations and determine the most accurate way to address them. Once removed, your body’s intelligence will repair and maintain your health on its own.

A Conservative Approach

At I Get It Chiropractic, we provide care based on a highly specialized system of locating and correcting subluxations in your spine. We’ll give specific adjustments to your spine so you can become healthy and function at 100%. Our approach utilizes precise X-rays of your upper spine to determine where misalignments are.

We’ll know exactly where your body needs help and the best way to give it to you without any twisting or popping. These adjustments are customized to your needs, so your adjustment will hold for longer and you won’t need frequent adjustments.

The result of our care is that you’ll enjoy better health, greater healing, superior function and a greater quality of life. Call today! (303) 424-1207

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